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Can I ask potential customers to send an enquiry email to to check on stock availability of Kits, Paints, Electrics, Spares etc please as we are seeing an increased demand for products

Thank you for your understanding and most importantly Stay Safe & Stay Well and look after each other.

We have the X-SA models of The Hornet, Lunchbox & Racing Fighter now in stock –

please enquire for details to complete these models

We now offer Amewi RC Construction Models – 1/14 Scale All Metal Excavators & 1/14 Scale Wheel Loaders, these RC Construction Models are the exact same specification as the Huina C1580 & C1583 Models, details and pictures will be published soon, please send enquiry to in the first instance, thank you.

We also offer Amerang plastic model kits, die cast collectables etc for sale, details will be published soon, please enquire to for further information.

We have Tamiya New Releases in Stock & some Vintage Models, please send enquiry email for details

We also have the following Huina RC Products;

Huina 1/14 Scale Tipper/Dump Truck – Price £89.99

Huina 1/14 Scale Wheeled Loader/Bulldozer – Price £189.99

Huina 1/18 Scale Excavator – Price £32.99

Please send email to for further details