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All kits, especially Radio-Controlled Cars & Trucks are brand new and, you, the customer, can select any new kit and I will construct it for you thus saving you time, effort and possibly some frustration!

All kits are in standard format, but each kit can be customised to suit your own specific needs, i.e. alloy wheels, alloy suspension parts, alloy driveshafts, upgrade the electric motor from Standard to ‘Torque Tuned’ or ‘Sport Tuned’ for example. Any parts’ changes/upgrades to the standard kits will incur extra costs and will be listed on Order Form.

A word of caution though, not all kits have a wide selection of upgrades/hop-ups, advice and help will be given where possible by RSC Scale Models on what is available.

Tamiya Painted Scale Models, Refurbished, RSC Scale Models
Tamiya Painted Scale Models, Refurbished, RSC Scale Models

Your chosen model can be painted in any colour you choose from the Tamiya range of colours. You could even specify two or three colours for your chosen model, just contact us to decide which colours you wish. Changes to colour scheme(s) will incur extra cost.

If you want your chosen kit to be painted in the ‘box art’ with the decals attached (or not if the case may be), please state when making order.

We will endeavour to meet every customers’ specific needs where practically possible.


From time to time, we will offer refurbished models for sale and this will be clearly stated in the description of the specific model. Refurbished models will be stripped down completely and will undergo the following;

  • Chassis checked, chemically cleaned, replaced if necessary
  • Gearbox(es) stripped, cleaned, checked, parts replaced as necessary
  • Suspension items checked, cleaned, parts replaced as necessary
  • Driveshafts, shafts checked, cleaned, parts replaced as necessary
  • Electric motor checked, cleaned, replaced if necessary
  • Servo(s) replaced as a matter of course
  • Body damage may be repairable, will discuss with customer
  • Wheels checked & replaced if required, tyres replaced with new
  • Model will be tested prior to despatch.
  • Customer can request any upgrades/hop-ups during this process.
Refurbished Scale Radio Control Cars, Sudbury, Suffolk, UK, Worldwide

Please contact RSC Scale Models at for further details and to discuss options available. All prices will be competitive.

Ferrari F430 - Scale Model
Midnight Pumpkin - Scale Model
Ferrari FXX - Scale Model