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About Us


RSC Scale Models are a small family run business based in the East Anglia region of the UK. Whilst this is a new online business venture, we are by no means novices in the radio-controlled scale model industry.

We have extensive knowledge in the building and painting of scale models especially cars and trucks, however, we are always willing and keen to learn new ways and ideas. Our motto could read, ‘quality – with attention to detail’.

Scale Models, Suffolk, UK

We can also offer boats, planes, tanks & other military vehicles and any other scale model products to suit every customer’s needs, if there is a particular item that the customer requests, we will endeavour to meet that customers request where possible

We offer scale models kits in RTR format (Ready to Run), whereby you, the customer, can take the model out of the packaging, charge the battery and away you go, saving you the time and effort in building & painting your model (which can sometimes lead to frustration if the build doesn’t go to plan!)

Radio Transmitter & Receiver, Electronic Speed Control (ESC), Servo, Battery & Battery Charger are all included in the RTR format.

During the build process, we can offer changes to your chosen model by way of offering changes to wheels & tyres, aluminium steering and suspension upgrades, change

of ‘box art’ colour scheme to suit the customer’s individual requirements. We can also offer scale number plates with your name or the registration number of your vehicle if you wish!

We also sell scale models in ‘kit form’ for you, the customer, to build yourself, paint & apply the enclosed Decals to your model. A package bundle of all the electrics needed can be supplied at additional cost

If you, the customer, want to discuss any particular item in more detail, especially if planning any upgrades, please feel free to email us at for UK based customers or for overseas based customers.