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These Models come complete and Ready to Run straight out the box.

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The ultra tough F46 Shuttle is a 4 channel, fixed pitch fully proportional helicopter. It gives you forwards and backwards motions, sideways flight, height control and the ability to rotate on the spot. The built in MEMS Gyro stabiliser holds the tail steady allowing you get on with the flying, whilst the F46’s single rotor fixed pitch system gives more agility over it’s counter rotating brothers, meaning you can really throw it about in an open area.

The included 700mAh 7.4v Li-Po battery is rechargeable using the supplied charger and gives up to 8 minutes of flying time. The onboard circuit protection system (OCPS) means that in the event of a heavy  landing or tip over the power is cut to the motors, this helps to protect the model and electronics. the model comes with spare rotors in the box to keep you flying incase of an impact. We also stock all of the spare parts for the model so that you can keep flying even after a minor, or major, unplanned landing.

The F46 is capable of using the optional camera package (available separately) which plugs directly into the intelligent PCB control board and is operated from the original 4 channel 2.4GHz computerised transmitter.


The gyro is a device used to determine the flight heading of the helicopter. It is the core component used to determine the helicopters directionality and does this by balancing the speed of the motors to counteract any torque rotation caused by the main blades spinning.

Li-Po batteries are quickly becoming the standard in flight packs due to their ability to give a more efficient power supply than the ‘old style’ Ni-MH or Ni-Cd packs. This results in longer flight times and better performance for even more flight action.

Proportional servos give smooth movement control in relation to the amount of stick movement being used, so instead of a definitive on/off movement, you get a gradual, more controllable flight.

The onboard LED searchlight not only looks great, but can also make flying in low light areas much easier as it gives a bright forward facing light to help with orientation.


The included transmitter is a state of the art 2.4GHz 4 channel system, which gives you the ultimate link between you and your helicopter. There is minimal risk of interference, unlike older style FM radio sets. This means you can have up to 15 models flying at any given time without fear of signal interruption.

The transmitter features the ability to swap throttle control from left to right hand throttle depending upon your own personal preference, simply by moving two switches. The rest is performed automatically by the microprocessor inside the computerised unit.

The transmitter also features a shoulder button to operate the optional video camera (available separately) so you won’t need any extra add-ons or additional set-up, just connect the unit and go.

With an LCD display and computerised menu option, it is simple to make any adjustments to the system, whilst having a digital read-out of any trim settings and stick movements being used.

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